A completed TransMod project results in a multi-shipment routing solution that considers shipment origination, mode type (LTL, TL), method (delivery or pickup), duration and distance, and costs of dedicated fleets vs. outside carriers. The steps used to create new TransMod projects are similar to creating a new routing project using DirectRoute.

Each new project consists of four primary steps:

  1. Update/Set Mode Selection Settings: Mode Selection settings are part of the software’s Routing Preferences, and help the software determine how to build each shipment.

  2. Create/Update TransportationModeler Files: The three primary files used are a Shipment File, a Truck File, and a Rate File. These files will contain all the information needed by the software to calculate a shipment solution.

  3. Rate Shipments: The Rate File contains the costs associated with the various methods of shipment (LTL, TL, etc.); used by the software in tandem with the Algorithm to determine the most efficient and lowest-cost network that satisfies all user-defined requirements and objectives for each shipment.

  4. Build a Shipment Solution: Generates a multi-shipment routing solution.