Once the Rate File has been completed, the rates for the available modes of transport need to be applied to each record in the Shipment File. The available modes and applicable rates will be used by the software to determine the best mode of shipment for each record. 

Open the Shipment File

  1. From the toolbar, click the Rate Orders Tool .

  2. The first shipment listed in the Shipment File will be the first shipment to appear in the Rate Orders Info box.

  3. To rate just the one shipment shown, click Rate.

  4. To rate ALL shipments listed in the file, click Process All.

Once completed, the Rate File data will automatically populate the Rate Fields in the Shipment File. Any data preexisting in these fields will be overwritten/updated during the Rate Orders function.

  • TLMinCharge: Minimum charge applied for shipment by Truckload.

  • TLRate: Truckload rate, per mile (ex. $2.5/mile is input as 2.5).

  • TLTeamMinCharge: Minimum charge applied for shipment by team.

  • TLTeamRate: Team rate per mile.

  • LTLCost: Cost per pound to ship via LTL.

  • LTLTransitTime: Minimum time required to transport via LTL, in hours (ex. 72.00 is three days or 72 hrs.).

  • Distance: The distance, in miles, between the Origin point and the Destination point.

After reviewing the Shipment File with the updated Rate Fields, save the file again.