DRTrack 23.4 is now available to all customers.



  • Enhanced Download Master Route download functionality to include the StartTime/EndTime and Start/End dates for Master routes.
  • Enhanced WS Authorization to optimize performance.
  • Performed work on internal integrations.
  • Added a new setting for customers using the Route Export Service (RES) called includeDefaultBOMEncoding. This setting allows users to output files without BOM encoding. This setting is set to TRUE by default, does not impact customers currently using RES, and is only available with the latest version of RES.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving a message to log back into DRTrack when navigating to certain pages within DRTrack.
  • Fixed an issue with custom middleware for an individual customer.
  • Fixed an issue where negative order quantities (Pickups) were not being displayed on the Route Manifest report.
  • Fixed an issue with D2Link where pictures and signatures would not display properly after clicking Preview.
  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle profile was misspelled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order audit was not displaying the proper sequence for pickup stops.
  • Fixed an issue where orders created through the Schedule Service Wizard were displaying dates that did not correspond to the open TWs.
  • Fixed an issue where the following GetRouteDetail calls were not returning Time Windows at the stop level:
    • GetRouteDetailAndBranchIdByModifiedDate
    • GetRouteDetailByDateRange
    • GetRouteDetailByModifiedDate
    • GetRouteDetailByPlannedStartDate
  • Fixed an issue where the GetAccountDetailsByBranch call was not returning Time Windows when setting to return Time Windows was set to TRUE in the request.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer-specific custom report was not displaying the correct number of stops.
  • Fixed an issue where Stop times were not getting populated with the Velocity integration.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick link to Daily Planner was not working from the dropdown menu in the DRTrack UI.
  • Fixed an issue where POI Manager was not displaying correctly filtered unloaded orders.
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Import Service (OIS) would not process Excel .xls and .xslx files.
  • Cleaned up unused INI settings in the Samsara section.