DRTrack 24.1 is now available to all customers.


New Features

  • Added behavior to Customer Communication Manager (CCM) that allows notifications to go out without a contact name. Previously, this required 1 name per 1 contact method (email or phone). Now, if multiple contacts exist in CCM Phone or CCM Email and no matching name, the first name will be the addressee for notifications.
  • Added new INI settings in preparation for the upcoming Trimble Smart Workflow integration, which can be found in Admin > Site > Settings & Configuration:
    • EnableTrimbleSmartWorkflow: enables the Smart Workflow integration.
    • EnforceUniqueDriverID: enforces Unique Driver IDs across all of DRTrack, removing the ability to use the same DriverID in multiple branches. This is required to use Trimble Smart Workflow.


  • Renamed the Export function for Trimble Smart Workflow from Trimble Driver Workflow to Trimble Smart Workflow on the Routes and Calendar pages.
  • Reformatted Last Updated and Planned dates to allow for proper UTC conversion.
  • Updated .NET version for Samsara middleware.
  • Removed the DEFAULT ruleset from Export to Customer Communication Manager. New accounts now use the DEFAULT rules as defined in CCM.
  • Added an All Dates checkbox in Order Management (Customer Service > Order Management), and is unchecked by default. If unchecked, the results will reference the date boxes as normal. When checked, DRT will search all orders for all dates to find the specific order. This can cause timeouts due to the amount of data that can be returned. If a timeout occurs, the user will receive a toast message to narrow down the search by inputting more precise information.

    Screenshot of DRTrack's Order Management screen highlighting the new "All Dates" checkbox
  • Added a Show All checkbox in Driver Management (Admin > Dispatch > Drivers), in the Add/Edit Driver dialog. This is checked by default. If this is unchecked, only devices belonging to the branch the current edited driver is assigned to will show in the dropdown.

    Screenshot of DRTrack's Driver Management highlighting the new "Show all" checkbox

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Samsara integration which was causing issues with time zones in the importers.
  • Fixed an issue where some orders did not appear on the Order Management screen when planned on routes.
  • Fixed an issue where users were experiencing timeout when trying to assign a device to a driver in the driver manager screen.
  • Fixed an issue with CCM where the delivery times in the customer portal were not showing the correct times.
  • Fixed an issue with CCM which was pulling old orders to send notifications to.
  • Fixed an issue with CCM where orders were not inheriting contact information from the Account Master when imported.