The Build to Value function color-codes locations based on the geographical area and volume criterion. DirectRoute will search in concentric circles from the starting point and apply color and symbol to locations that fall within the criteria you establish.

The Build to Value function can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Building a skeletal route based on area and delivery quantities.
  • Build a sales territory based on area and sales quantities.
  • Site location analysis (which customers can be serviced based on warehouse capacity).

To use the Build to Value function:

  1. Review the Stop File and ensure that all stops are of the same symbol, color, and size.
  2. Select the map tab to activate the window if not already.
  3. Zoom to the desired geographical area.
  4. Select Map > Tools > Build to Value from the menu
  5. Click on the map where the geographical center of the territory will be located.
  6. Check the box next to Build by Symbols.

Build To Value dialog box

  1. Select the Search button; ensure Symbol, Color, and Size are the same as the current selections.
  2. Select the Replace button; select Symbol, Color, and Size to apply to locations in the new territory.
  3. Select the applicable boundary option: Within, Outside, or Ignore.
  4. Use the Criteria drop-down button to select the column from the Stop File from which to choose.
  5. Select the Max Volume the territory will contain (volume of the criteria chosen).
  6. Select the Max radius that the search will include.
  7. Click - to begin the Build to Value function.

NOTE: If the radius field contains a value, DirectRoute will search records in concentric circles until it reaches the first of the two value limitations; if the radius field is blank, DirectRoute will continue to search records until the maximum volume value is reached, or until boundary limitations are reached.

Build to Value Results

DirectRoute marks all selected records with the color and symbol chosen with the Replace Option.