Distance calculation is extremely important for Daily Planner's stop optimization algorithm to accurately weigh the best options. By default, the Daily Planner uses the straight-line distance between locations for optimization. 

Starting with Daily Planner version 24.1, you now have the option to calculate much more accurate distances using Trimble Transportation's new Ultrafast Distance Matrix (UDFM). UDFM not only allows you to generate distances in near real-time for a matrix of up to 50,000 by 50,000 locations, but it also can take into account the type of vehicle being routed and the worldwide region. As a result, distances and drive times are calculated based on safe and legal commercial vehicle routes.

Calculate Distances by Road Network

Distance calculation settings can be changed in Preferences > Algorithm > Distances. You can select one of three calculations that determine how the algorithm generates and uses distances/drive times:

  • Straight Line: Uses straight-line distances and drive times for all calculations. This is the default setting.
  • Road Network: Calls a Trimble Maps service to generate and use commercial road distances and drive time based on the vehicle profile selected. Depending on the size of the solution, this may impact solve times. Road Network is the recommended way to generate distances and drive times.
  • Approximate: Uses proprietary Maps calculations to calculate drive times while still using straight-line distances.

After selecting the distance calculation, select the Vehicle Profile and Region which you want to calculate for. This setting adjusts the calculations when using the Road Network or Approximate distance calculation options listed above. This setting is required when using either of those options.

There are four options you can select from the dropdown menu:

  • North American Auto
  • North American Heavy (53’ trailer)
  • EU Auto
  • EU Heavy Rigid

If routes are built or edited outside of Daily Planner, distances and drive times will default to using Straight Line calculations. Only routes built and edited in Daily Planner can use Road Network calculations.

For more information about UFDM, please see frequently asked questions.