Locking routes in Daily Planner allows you to prevent unwanted changes to them. You can specify which types of locks to apply to a route:

  • All Changes: No changes can be made to a route.

  • Loading Orders: Orders cannot be loaded onto a route.

  • Unloading Orders: Orders cannot be unloaded from a route.

You can apply a lock by clicking the lock icon at the top of the route card, to the left of the checkbox in grid view, or from the Route Details header. You can view locks that are currently applied by hovering over a lock. Unlocked routes will show a grayed-out lock icon to indicate they are not locked.

Image of the new "lock changes" menu on the Route card.

If you attempt to change a locked Route, Daily Planner will alert you of the lock. You can either cancel the change or click Proceed to continue. Proceeding will override the lock and complete the action, but does not remove the lock.

Batch Apply Locks

You can batch-apply locks to a set of routes by selecting the routes and clicking the Lock Routes action from the Routes Kebab menu. This opens the Lock Routes window, which is now part of the Optimize Routes window. You can drag multiple routes using the checkboxes to the applicable columns. You can reset all locks from here, or unlock a specific group of routes. Once you have your routes in the correct column, click the close button at the top-right, or Cancel to close the window.