Lock Routes

You can now lock routes in Daily Planner. Locking routes prevents any unwanted changes to them. You can specify which types of locks to apply to a route:

  • All Changes: No changes can be made to a route.

  • Loading Orders: You cannot load new orders to a route.

  • Unloading Orders: You cannot unload existing orders from a route.

Image of the new "lock changes" menu on the Route card.

If you attempt to change a locked Route, Daily Planner will alert you of the lock. You can either cancel the change or click Proceed to continue.

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Create Routes with Violations

Using the Create Route workflow, you can now create routes with violations. Previously, an order that caused a violation would not be loaded onto it. Sometimes there are cases where you wish to create a route regardless of violations. To create them, select the orders to be loaded and click Create Route from the Unloaded Orders Kebab menu, or select the orders via the lasso tool and click Create Route. If violations are detected for any order selected you will be prompted with a warning message showing the potential violations. From there you can choose to create the route after acknowledging the violations.

Use LoadID instead of TruckID for Predefined Routes

Since Daily Planner 24.1, you can match orders to specific routes where the TruckID matches with the FixedRt user field. Now you are also able to choose to match orders based on the LoadID and FixedRt fields instead. You can find this new setting in Preferences > Algorithm > Preprocess. Read more about loading predefined routes here.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where creating new POIs from the Route planning page was delayed.

  • Fixed an issue where the last page of orders in the Unloaded Orders grid view was not being displayed properly.

  • Fixed an issue where the Solution Comparison Solution Totals chart wouldn’t update if the user selected a different table value.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the File Name header in the Boundaries section would sort by date instead of file name.

  • Fixed an issue where Cost fields were only reflecting one decimal place instead of two in the Route pane grid view.

  • Fixed an issue with the daycode calendar filter where routes were not showing if the Daycode was greater than 7.

  • Fixed an issue where the Account Quantity Unload fields were pointing to the wrong table column in the database, causing quantities to be updated instead of the quantity unload rate. The header text was also updated to provide additional clarity.