Preferences are used to supply the software with necessary information about your routing environment and the type of results expected in the solution. These settings help the software identify specific data fields, volume types, and delivery windows used in the Truck File Stop File, and direct specific actions, behaviors, or special considerations that the software should perform or consider when building a solution.

In addition to the general routing preferences, SchedulePro provides a choice of algorithms to use when building a schedule of routes, to determine which factors are of most importance in the project. 

Choose the appropriate algorithm based on how much consideration should be given to delivery pattern and volume, to schedule stops.

  • Volume Allocation Algorithm: Considers a customer’s delivery pattern (frequency and delivery days) and volume to schedule stops over a specific time frame, from 1 week up to 12 weeks, in any one period.
  • DirectRoute Algorithm: Considers distance (closest to farthest, or reverse), and/or pre-existing Rt/Seq assignments in the Route Files.

EXAMPLE: Customer #1: Delivery pattern is WF (Wednesday, Friday), Volume Allocation = .5 (half on Wednesday, half on Friday); Customer #2: Delivery pattern is MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Volume Allocation = .333 (Monday, Wednesday) and .334 (Friday)

The Routing Preferences and Options Table identifies and explains each setting and available options, more completely. 

  • To review/update general settings in Preferences, click File > Preferences from the menu.
  • To review/update algorithm settings, click File > Preferences > SchedulePro > Algorithm Type.

SchedulePro Algorithm Options