The Route Book is created for every routing scenario. It provides a detailed picture of every route, and summarized data for the entire routing solution. 

  • Customized summary information about the routing solution.
  • Customized view of individual routes and stops.
  • Modify routes by adding or deleting stops.
  • Display capacity, drive time, and work time gauges for each route.
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions for each route.

The Route Book provides three separate reports, each having different formats that can easily be customized.

  • Summary Report: Pertains to the summary page of the Route Book.
  • Detail Report: The body of the report, listing all the individual route details.
  • Header Report: Contains the column headings information.

Included in the Route Book are the project Info boxes. The Route Info, Stop Info, Truck Info, Solution Info, Differential Info, and Map Filter Info boxes all display various information about the individual routes and/or stops that are present in the Route Book.

Completed Routes/Route Book

TIP: The info boxes can be repositioned to view on the top or bottom, right or left side of the screen. Click and hold the box tab, then drag it to the desired location. Look for the grey position guide to help place the box in the correct location.

The newly created route schedules can be modified and/or edited using any of the tools available in the Route Book. For additional information on edit options, see Route Modifications.