DRTrack 24.2 should now be available to all customers.


New Features


  • Improved some internal D2Link stored procedures to help with current performance
  • Removed the EnableUnassignedRouteExports INI setting from Configuration.
  • Enhanced Export to Samsara to only export stop userfields.
  • Updated jQuery to align with internal security protocols.
  • Added the ability to validate unique driverIDs with TTC when creating drivers in DRTrack. Drivers created this way can be used with Trimble Smart Workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the lightbox display of pictures related to jQuery changes.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the last driver from a branch produced an error.
  • Fixed multiple importer issues related to logged messages found with internal CPIH (Samsara) importers.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate values existing for imports related to Samsara
  • Fixed an issue where logging into Samsara would log you out of DRTrack.
  • Fixed an issue where Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx) being imported by OIS were skipped if they contained a letter in the Order#.
  • Fixed an issue where files being imported by OIS did not contain an estimated Ship Date. A new key has been added under app settings in the DRTrackOrderImportService.exe.config file.
  • <add key="AllowDispatchDateToAutoFillIfEmpty" value="true"/>
    When set to True, OIS will import when there is not a DispatchDate or Branch. It will use the system's current date and the Main branch.
  • Fixed an issue with a customer-specific OIS setting.