*The Time Zone (location) of the DirectRoute User has no impact on the Routing solution*

DirectRoute calculates arrival and departure times based on the Time Zone where the Truck originates and how long it takes to travel to a stop. The algorithm doesn't consider Time Zones, only the actual distance and time it takes to travel that distance. Therefore, all times displayed in the Route Book are based solely on a Truck's originating location.

When crossing multiple Time Zones, the user field LOCATIONTIMEZONE should be set as a Stop & Truck User field and used in both the Truck and Stop File, to display the Time Zone of the Truck's originating location (Truck File), and the Time Zone for the stop's location (Stop File). When used, the adjusted Arrival Time for a stop location will appear in ARVTM_WITH_TZ, in the Stop Statistic Fields. 

For example: 

Routes are created from the dispatcher's location in Dallas, TX (CST)

The Truck originates from a Depot location in Portland, OR (PST)

All Stop locations on the Route are either PST or MST locations.

All the times displayed in the Route Book are reflected in PST, where the Truck originates.


The Truck leaves the Depot in Portland, OR (PST) at 0600 hrs. and travels to a stop in Idaho (MST), 4 hours away.  

The Route Book will show a Dispatch Time of 0600 (PST), and an Arrival Time of 1000 (PST) at the Idaho stop.

However, when the Route is exported, the Export File will show a Departure Time of 0600 (PST), and an Arrival Time of 1100  (MST) at the Idaho stop, reflecting the one-hour difference in Time Zones between the Depot location and the stop's location.