Customer Communication Manager (CCM) by Trimble Maps is a system of APIs and an application that allows fleet customers to automatically send messages to their customers (receivers) based on order status changes throughout the day. Whether a fleet needs to let a customer know their order has shipped, or inform them of a delay, CCM makes it easy to keep customers informed and up-to-date. This application automates a traditionally manual process and eliminates unnecessary phone calls between several parties, thereby reducing operational costs. CCM can be integrated with various other software types including ERP systems, TMS software, and dispatch applications to get the statuses needed to generate messages.

Customer-configured rules govern which messages are sent and when. The messages sent by CCM can either be sent via SMS or email and can be configured to include the information that is most relevant to those end customers including logos, links, and special text. In addition, a tracking link will be provided that can show route progress on a map so that the customers can understand exactly when they can expect their delivery.

This guide will outline how to set up and use CCM as it’s integrated with DRTrack, the Trimble Maps dispatch system.