In certain situations, a drive time will incorrectly appear in the DRTrack route calendar as a long, green block that spills over into two columns. This is typically happens when orders are loaded or unloaded onto routes that are already in progress and have stops with actual delivery times. 

To fix these excessive drive times, please follow the steps below. 

Removing a long drive time

  1. Log into DRTrack and select Dispatch > Routes > Branches dropdown search.  
  2. Select the affected route and click on the route # to open it.
  3. Take a screenshot of the route times for reference.
  4. Select Act. Arr/Dep drivetime (blue text), check the N/A checkbox, and click Update. Repeat for each time listed. 
  5. Once all of the actual times are removed, in the upper right side of the Route Details page, select Route Actions >  Reschedule.
  6. Add the actual arrival/Departure times back for each N/A. (If the route time was originally N/A there is no need to update.)

    7. Go back to Dispatch > Route Calendar > and select the branch and date you just edited. 

    8. Confirm your drive-time adjustment in the calendar.