3rd Party GPS Data Interfaces Operating System

  • Windows Server 2016, 64-bit
  • .NET 2.0
  • .NET 3.0
  • .NET 4.5 with .NET extendibility
  • 10/100/1000 connection to other servers if standalone instance


Drive Space Requirements

  • Operating System and Paging File: expect 20+ GB
  • Sync Service: expect 250+ MB per instance of a sync service installation
  • Multiple sources of GPS data allowable, each with its own Sync Service
  • Additional considerations for HD space needed
  • XML, Flat, or other file interface (saved or deleted after processing)
  • Local or database server
  • Log file mode: ERROR, DEBUG, INFO, etc.



  • Ensure operating system and database version support memory requirements
  • Add 1+ GB for Operating System, and additional 1+ GB per Sync Server instance