The User Group Manager is assigned to manage permissions associated with the different user roles within each User Group. Each role is like a point of service within their respective group with abilities assigned by hierarchy; each point within the hierarchy would have greater or lesser access/capabilities than others.


For example, the Account Manager role could be added to this hierarchy (between Administrator and Branch Manager) and assigned all capabilities of each role below Branch Manager, but fewer capabilities than an Administrator.


To access the User Group Manager, go to Admin > Site > User Groups & Permissions.Manage user Groups & Permissions

  1. Use the dropdown menu to select a User Group to edit, or +Add to add a new one
  2. Edit the following as needed:
    1. Manage Roles—Assign permissions to each Role
    2. Manage Modules—Assign permissions to each User Group
    3. View Permissions—View current permissions assigned to the selected User Group
    4. Landing Page—Set the default landing page; the ‘Home’ page for all roles except Customer Service
    5. Role—The permission levels assigned to each User Group (ex. Branch Manager, Dispatcher, etc.) should have all the same abilities as each role assigned under the branch


User Group Manager