Create a New User

Go to Admin > Site > Users and click the Add New button.


Manage Users


Create New User


Assign Branches, User Groups, Permissions

  1. Fill in all the fields under General Info.
  2. Assign the User Group role using the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the appropriate notification boxes under Notification Options.
  4. Use the tab Branch Access tab to assign the user to the appropriate branch(es).
  5. Use Dispatch Groups to assign to any of the established Dispatch Groups.
  6. Click on the Save button when done.


Edit Current Users

Go to Admin > Site > Users and select the user record from the list in the UserID column.

  1. Edit any general info as needed (name, email address, password, etc.).
  2. Select User Group to designate the User Role.
  3. Selectto configure the User Group (view or change the configuration settings for each role).
  4. Approval Code: Enter a code that identifies who/why access is approved (if used).
  5. Notification Options: Select all options that may apply to the user.
  6. Use Branch Access to view and/or edit branch assignments.
  7. Use Dispatch Groups to view and/or assign to a Dispatch Group.
  8. Use Permissions to view and/or assign permissions.