The DRTrack Dashboard is divided into four sections, as numbered in the figure below:

  • Main MenuAppears at the top of the screen on every page in DRTrack; four primary sections provide assigned, accessible actions based on user role. Quick Links (configured shortcuts), user admin (Hello User), and Logout.
  • Dashboard—Statistical snapshot of the route and stop statistics for the current day +/- 1, including completed, violated, delayed, active, not taken, etc.
  • Active Routes—Provides a snapshot of active routes, including driver assignments and devices, branch, start and end times, number of stops and miles, etc.
  • Quick Links—Also available in the upper right corner of the Main menu, Quick Links are configurable shortcuts for a User Group to pages within DRTrack most frequented or used by that group.



Each of these four sections is briefly described below. Click on the links to go directly to the respective sections, or continue reading to view all.

  • Dispatch—Dispatch provides access to many route, order and device actions available to the dispatcher, including order and account creation, route edits and re-dispatch, and Driver/Device Map, Route Board, Route Calendar (Resource Planning), etc.
  • Reports—Provides access to configured reports, including Account History, Branch Summary, Driver Performance, and Trip Reports, etc.
  • Customer Service—Provides Customer Support access to manage orders and accounts
  • Admin—Provides access to branch and customer accounts, set up and manage drivers, users, and devices, input configuration requirements for import/export between DirectRoute, as well as other database management functions; access levels within this tab vary among DRTrack users and are controlled by your site administrator