There are several ways to create an order in DRTrack. Dispatch > Create Orders is the most direct method. Some of the other places in which an order can be created include:

  1. Dispatch > Routes
  2. Customer Service > Order Management
  3. Dispatch > Route Calendar

Note: Any order created on the Create Orders page will be an Unloaded Order. To add/load the newly-created order to an existing route, navigate to Dispatch > Routes > Unloaded Orders.

The steps for creating an order are the same, regardless of where you start.

From Dispatch > Create Orders:

  1. Use the search function to identify the correct branch and AccountID.
  2. Once the AccountID is listed on the page, click on it under the AccountID column, OR
  3. Select Create Account to add a new account.


Create Order Step 1


  1. Enter all pertinent Account and Order information, including Quantity and User Fields data.
  2. Select the Time Windows and Time of Day Adjustment tab to enter all necessary info.
  3. Select Finish from the top right corner, to complete the order input.



Create Order Step 2


Upon completion, the confirmation screen will appear with the new order highlighted.


Order Confirmation Step 3