Device Map allows a user to select a device and/or vehicle to view planned, completed or uncompleted routes assigned to a specific device.


The appearance of the map itself can be customized with a variety of map styles and overlays. To change the map style, click on the stack icon in the upper right corner of the map and select the map style and overlays desired.



The Device Map info box, located below the map, displays the route details for the selected device, and the corresponding stop information.

  • Seq
  • Account ID
  • Account Name
  • Planned Arrival/Departure
  • Actual Arrival/Departure
  • Estimated Arrival/Departure



To view a device's planned, completed or uncompleted route info

  1. Use the controls on the right to select a branch and device from the drop down menu
  2. Select From/To dates
  3. Below the date boxes, use the drop down menu to choose which devices to view
  4. Zoom to a specific stop on the map by clicking on the  zoom icon, to the right of each stop


Note: Device Map for a specific route and/or Driver from the Route Summary page (Dispatch > Routes) by selecting the road icon adjacent to the desired route.

The Device Map Controls and Quick Inspector menu can be undocked and moved to either the left or ride side of the map. Use the grey drop down arrow in the top right corner of each menu to select the docking location, or hold the arrow and drag the box to the desired location.