From the main menu, select Dispatch > Routes.

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the correct Branch identifier.
  2. Set the From date to the day that the routes are to be dispatched (defaults to the current date); edit the time if necessary (earliest time that trucks can depart).
  3. Set the To date to the last day routes should be dispatched (same date as From unless routes are scheduled to leave after midnight); edit the time if necessary (latest time that trucks can depart).
  4. Select Searchall routes that meet the set search criteria should now be displayed
  5. Use the mouse tool to hover over and review route info, or use the menu tools to make additional route adjustments and/or edits if necessary.


 Dispatch Routes


Load Unloaded Orders: Matches unmatched “real” orders to placeholder orders from Master Routes.

Invert Route: Reverses the order of delivery of the stops, from first to last.

Reschedule: Reschedule the dispatch date of the route.

Export: Export the finalized routes back to DirectRoute and/or an Order Management Module.

Optimize: Use to reposition stops on a route after changes have been made to stops that affect delivery dates/times.

Reschedule: Reschedule stop delivery window times and/or dates.

Move Stops: Move stops between routes, from one to another.

Audit: Provides a brief overview of events that have occurred.