When the pre-assigned driver logs into the route, the system will correlate the driver, truck, and device in order to display the appropriate GPS data for comparisons with the planned route. You can verify that a driver has been pre-assigned to a route by the values under DeviceID, Driver, and Name. (Refer to Driver Login for additional info)


A yellow circle in the Login column indicates the route has been Pre-Assigned to a driver. A green circle in the Login column indicates the route is currently logged into GPS tracking. A red circle indicates the route is logged out of GPS tracking and the GPS device can be assigned to another route.


Driver Pre-Assignment


To change a driver pre-assignment:

  1. Click on the blue entry under the Driver column for the route you wish to change; this will open the Manual Login box
  2. Select Remove Pre-assignment to remove the currently assigned driver


Manual Driver Login


The Manual Login box will close and the routes list will reflect N/A for the record that was just updated.


Driver Pre-Assignment Removed


  1. Click on the N/A to open the Manual Login box
  2. From the DriverID drop-down list, select the desired driver for the route.
  3. Select the DeviceID from the drop-down list if necessary.
  4. Enter the name or number of the truck being assigned in the TruckID field, or just enter the DeviceID again.
  5. Once the entries are complete, select Pre-Assign (you can also manually login the driver by selecting the green Log In button)