Any order created through the Create Orders process will be an unloaded order until it is loaded on a route. You can search for, geocode, and/or delete any unloaded order outside of the routing process in DRTrack.


Enter the search criteria.

  1. Use any or all of Branch, AccountID, Name, OrderID and From/To dates.
  2. Include Geocode Type (all or un-geocoded) if desired.
  3. If more than one order is returned in the search results, select the affected order by placing a check mark in the box adjacent to the order.
  4. To Geocode or Delete the order, select the corresponding button.


If no results are returned, an order can be created by selecting Create Order.


Search Unloaded Stops

Enter the search criteria.

  1. From/To dates, Account Name and/or ID, etc.
  2. Select Search to display results.
  3. To edit the unloaded order, select the order # under the Order Number column.


Search Unloaded Orders