The Route Board is map-centric; it enables viewing existing routes and orders on the map, as well as being able to see the orders and routes in list format below the map. You can access the Route Board (Dispatch > Route Board) to review planned routes and stops and make necessary changes. 

Additional actions that can be performed from the Route Board include:

  • View Unloaded Orders
  • Geocode Unloaded Orders
  • Create/build new routes
  • Assign Points of Interest (POI’s)


 Route Board


By default, the search dates appearing will default to the current date. You only need to select the calendar icon to change the dates.


Select the Route Board menu to enable Branch and/or date selection:

  1. Use the drop-down arrow to see available branches 
  2. Use the left mouse key to click and select a branch
  3. Select the calendar icon to change the date, or type the date (mm/dd/yyyy)


Route Board Properties


The active routes for the selected branch/date will appear directly below the Route Board menu on the right. By default, the master flag box will be checked, selecting all the routes/stops for the selected branch/dates. 

  1. Deselect the Master Route box.
  2. Select just one route (Rt# column) to view it on the map.
  3. Selected route(s) will be highlighted in blue.
  4. On the bottom of the screen, the list of stops for the selected route will appear.
  5. Deselect the route in the same manner and the route lines will disappear, but the route details will remain in the bottom screen.


Note: To adjust the map view area, click and hold the mouse button and drag the screen to adjust. You can also zoom in/out of an area; double-click the mouse over the desired area, or Shift+Click to draw a box around the desired area.


Route Selection


Route Board Map