Building routes on the Route Board is designed for building routes in bulk using an existing truck profile and a set of unloaded orders.


To enable this function, it must first be turned on in Settings & Configuration.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Site > Settings & Configuration.
  2. Use the drop-down arrow adjacent to Section and select UI.
  3. Type enablebuildroutes in the filter box then select Filter.
  4. Select Edit, then Value to enable the function (checkmark the box).
  5. Select Update to save and complete.


Now return to the Route Board (Dispatch > Route Board). Generally, the Route Board should be empty of any active daily routes, and there should be orders ready to load in the Unloaded Orders pool.


Enable Build Routes


Empty Daily Routes (Route Board)

To build a new route:

  1. Select the Build Routes tab In the upper right corner of the Route Board.
  2. Edit Build: Branch (use the drop-down menu to locate), Dispatch date (use the calendar tool to change the date), and Profile.
  3. Edit Unloaded Orders: Dispatch Start date/time and Dispatch End date/time, using the calendar tool to change the dates if necessary.
  4. Select Build Routes.


Build Routes Tab


Build Routes Results


The newly built route will appear on the map and will be listed in the Route Detail list.

  1. To unload any stop, select the stop from the Route Detail list, then select Unload Stops
  2. To invert the new route, select Invert Routes
  3. To edit any other stop and/or route details, use the Route Summary page (Dispatch > Routes) page