The DOT/Activity Logs can be run for specific Branches, Trucks, and/or Drivers for specific dates or time periods. The logs can be edited add missing routes, deleting unfulfilled routes, or editing route data that is incomplete or incorrect.


DOT/Activity Logs 

To retrieve a DOT/Activity Log,

  1. Select Branch or Branches
  2. Select a Driver and/or Truck, or ALL
  3. Edit the From/To Dates (time period to see on the log)
  4. Click Submit


To edit existing route data or to add a new route to a driver,

  1. Identify the TruckID on the DOT/Activity Log that is associated with the route and/or driver, then select the TruckID from the Truck drop-down menu
  2. Click the Submit button


DOT/Activity Log Results


To edit or delete existing route data, select the Activity box that applies to the change being recorded, and edit each block of data that applies. Click the Modify button when complete, or the Delete button if the route is being deleted.


Edit DOT/Activity Log


To add new route data, complete the Arrival activity register to include the route Start Time and End Time, Date, Odometer reading, and quantities picked up/delivered.


Add New Routes to DOT/Activity Log