The Route Manifest report provides detailed route info for the selected branch and dispatch date, including actual Stop Arrival and Departure times as indicated by GPS activity. This report is also available is multiple formats (web, XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, Word).

NOTE: Route Manifest report can only be retrieved if you have Actuals coming into DRTrack from your in-cab telematics integration.

To retrieve a Route Manifest:

  1. Click Reports > Route Manifest from the menu.
  2. Select the branches and dispatch date you wish to view from their respective dropdowns.
  3. Select how you wish to view the report from the View dropdown:
    1. Stops
    2. Orders
    3. LineItem
  4. Click the radio button next to how you wish to display actuals:
    1. FALSE will only show the Planned Stop Times for dispatch purposes.
    2. TRUE will show the Actuals as a Post Route Review.
  5. To view a specific route instead of the full route report, select it from the Route # field.
  6. Click View Report when you are done.

  Route Manifest Report