The Truck Capacity Utilization Report provides a capacity utilization report by branch at the truck level. It can be retrieved for specific perioeds of time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and is available in multiple formats (Web, XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF, Word).


To run the Truck Capacity Utilization Report:

  • Select the Branch and/or Branches, and From/To dates.
  • Select Group By (day, week, month, etc.).
  • Specify Route number, Truck ID, and Quantities 1 & 2 (optional).
  • Click View Report.


Truck Capacity Report


Some of the fields displayed in this report include:

  • Tot. Stops—Number of stops on the route.
  • Tot. Mil.—Planned Miles for the Route.
  • Act. Mil.—Actual miles for the route according to logs.
  • Gallon Equivalents—Total Gallon Equivalents the vehicle delivered.
  • Qty 1 (%)—Capacity Utilization based on the first capacity.
  • Order Weight—Total Order Weight the vehicle delivered.
  • Qty 2 (%)—Capacity Utilization based on the second capacity.
  • Max—the highest Capacity Utilization of the vehicle during that date range.