Banner Manager provides a means to add a message banner that would appear across the screens of DRTrack users within your organization. The same banner will appear at the top of every screen page.


Examples of Message BannersExamples of Message Banners 


To add a banner, go to Admin > Banner Manager.

  • Click Add Banner.
  • Create a name (Title) for the banner and enter the words you want to display in the banner.
  • You can choose an icon (exclamation, warning, info, etc.) to display with the banner or not.
  • Select a warning level (color) for the banner; error= pink, success = green, info = blue.


Once created, banners will be listed on the Banner Manager page.

  • To make a banner active, click the box on the right under Set Active and then confirm.
  • To edit a banner, click on the name of the banner; perform the edits and then click Save Banner.
  • To delete a banner, click the box to the right of the banner title, click on the Delete Banner button and then confirm.

Banner Options