When a new account has been added, it may need to be scheduled for service. To schedule a new account for service, locate and select the account in the Account Management module (Adminà Account Management)

  1. Select the record by checking the box next to AccountID/Name.
  2. Select the Schedule Service button.Account Management/Schedule Service
  3. Click on the Go to Suggested Days button.
  4. Select the number of days based on frequency.
  5. Click on the Go to Create Orders button to create the order.
  6. Verify the OrderID and Pattern, then click on Go to Suggested Routes. DRTrack will search list suggested routes with estimated costs for each.
  7. Click Load to select a route to load to the order.


Load Route on Order


An info box will return and advise if the unloaded stop was loaded successfully.


Terminate Service

To remove an order or account from service, locate the account by selecting Admin/Account Management from the menu.

  1. Search for the account by either typing it into search or by scrolling through the Accounts list.
  2. Select the account by checking the box next to Account ID/Name
  3. Click Cancel Service.