Whenever possible, routes should be pre-assigned to a driver before they are dispatched (depart). When the pre-assigned driver logs into the route, the system will correlate the Driver, TruckID, and DeviceID and display the appropriate GPS data. Values listed in the DeviceID, Driver, and Name columns will indicate if a driver has been pre-assigned to a route.


Driver and Device Assignment


  • N/A in the Driver column indicates the route has not been assigned to a driver.
  • Values listed in the DeviceID column indicate association with an assigned driver or route.
  • The colored circles listed in the Logincolumn indicate:
    • Yellow indicates the route has been Pre-Assigned to a driver.
    • Green indicates the route is currently logged into GPS tracking.
    • Red indicates the route is logged out of GPS tracking and the GPS device can be assigned to another route.

To assign a driver to a route, select Dispatchà Driver Login from the main menu.

Locate and select the desired route using the Branch, Date and Route Number search boxes

Use the DriverID drop down menu list to select a driver

Use the DeviceID drop down menu list to select an associated device

Edit the date and time under the Login Time column


Pre-Assign Driver to Route


Update VehicleID, Odometer Start, and Trailer fields, if applicable

Select the PreAssign button


Pre-Assign Driver


A green message will appear at the top of the screen to let you know that the driver was successfully preassigned to the route.


Driver Pre-Assigned to Route


Manual Driver Login

From the main menu, select Dispatch > Routes.

Locate the route and click on the NA for that route listed under the Driver column.Manual Driver Login


Scheduling Driver Breaks

To add a driver break to a route, breaks must first be added to the truck profile assigned to the route. If the break start times and break duration times will always be the same for any given truck, regardless of route, they can be added to the Master Truck File.


When break times and/or durations vary and/or need to be added to just one route, then add them to the specific truck profile assigned to the route. 

  1. Click on the route to select it, then right-click and select Stop Summary.
  2. Select Route Info, then Truck Info to open the truck profile
  3. Scroll to BreakDuration1 and add the time duration in Hours (30 minute = .5) 
  4. Scroll to BreakStart1 and add the time in which the break should start (ex. if break should start at 4 hours into the route, enter 4)
  5. Click Save and Reschedule at the top right of the page when done
  6. Return to the Route Calendar and the break should appear at the scheduled time during the route


Add Driver Break to Truck Profile


Truck Info


Break Duration, Break Start


Route with Break Schedule


Add/Insert Driver Breaks on the Calendar

Pick any stop location within a route to insert a break before or after the stop, or at a specific time.

  1. Click on the stop to open the info box, then select Before, At, or After
    1. Before—Will insert the break before the selected stop
    2. After—Will insert the break after the selected stop
    3. At—Will open another info box from which to input a specific time for the break
  2. Click Save when done


Add Driver Break on the Calendar


Add Driver Break at Specific Time


Note: The default break time (15 minutes = 0.25 hours) can be edited in the configuration settings. Any break entered that is less than the minimum time set, will be removed from the calendar, as will any break that is scheduled before or after the route start or end time.


Delete a Driver Break on the Calendar

To delete a scheduled driver break on the calendar, locate Break on the schedule.

Right-click on a break and select the Delete Driver Break info box


Delete Driver Break


Move a Driver Break on the Calendar, Merge Breaks, and Change Break Duration

Breaks on the calendar can be moved to another time during the route or another route using the drag and drop method. If a break is dropped outside the route start/stop times, the break will revert to its previous start (time).

  1. To move a break, locate Break on the schedule.
  2. To move to a different time within the route, right-click and hold the break then drag/drop it in on the desired time (location) within the route
  3. To move to a different route, right-click and hold the break then drag/drop it in on the desired time (location) on the new route
  4. The Add Break info box will open; select Before, After or At to schedule the break when needed
  5. To merge breaks, right-click on one break and drag it to overlap another
  6. To change the timed duration of a break, right-click and hold the the break and drag it up or down to increase or decrease the time


After each successful driver break action has been completed, a message will be displayed at the top of the page to advise of the status and/or what was changed (break time is inserted, moved, deleted, etc.).


Break Status Messages


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