1. From the DirectRoute main menu, select DRTrack > Export Master Routes to DRTrack.
  2. Select the Branch, Profile, Start and End Dates.
  3. Click Export.


Export Master Routes from DirectRoute


Export Master Routes to DRTrack

Note: Occasionally, large Route Files may take several minutes to export. If necessary, adjust time-out settings in DRTrack and DirectRoute. Contact your System Administrator if assistance is necessary.


After Master Routes have been uploaded to DRTrack, they can be modified, added, or deleted, cloned, and scheduled for automatic dispatch.


Note: When Master Routes are uploaded to DRTrack, DRTrack can auto-create Master Truck Profiles. The newly created Master Truck Profiles will bear the same name as the Master Routes Profile Name. Uncheck Ignore Empty Routes while uploading Master Routes to prompt the creation of the new Master Truck Profiles.