Master Routes uploaded to DRTrack can be accessed through the Admin > Master Routes option in DRTrack. Master Routes (and Stops) can be modified, added or deleted, cloned, and scheduled for automatic dispatch at specified times on a recurring basis using just DRTrack.

  1. Select Admin > Master Routes from the DRTrack menu.
  2. Routes can be sorted and searched, scheduled, and rescheduled from this page.


Admin/Master Routes


Master Routes Summary Page


Note: Ensure DRTrack Admin/Configuration settings are updated to enable Fixed Routes. Select Admin/Configuration and scroll to locate EnableFixedRoutesForDSD and/or EnableFixedRoutesForService. Click Edit, check the box, then click Update. Repeat for EnableBuildRoutes, if necessary. Upon update, it may be necessary to exit DRTrack to allow updates to process, then relog. If assistance is needed, contact your DRTrack system administrator.