The Truck Master is a collection of vehicles assigned to each branch, that can be assigned to routes and drivers. All pertinent vehicle information is listed for each individual truck, including volume limits, cost factors, work rules, assigned branch (depot/origin location), and special equipment.


Add or Edit Trucks

To manage the Truck Master and add, edit, or delete vehicles, navigate to Admin > Routing > Trucks.

Truck Master Management

  1. Select any TruckID to edit existing vehicles; click Save when all editing is completed.
  2. Select Add to add a new vehicle; select Save when all editing is completed.
  3. Select Delete to delete an existing vehicle.
  4. Select Profile to view (add or delete) existing vehicle profiles.


Be sure to fill in as much info as possible for each truck, including Work Rules, Cost Factors, Quantity Values and User Fields. After adding each new vehicle and assigning the depot/origin location, select the Geocode button at the top right of the screen, to add the Lat/Long location of the vehicle’s primary location to the record.


Truck Master Details