Once routes have been finalized, an Upload File (UPL) can be created and exported back to an order management system, or host system, for processing. The most common way that routed orders are uploaded to a host system is by using the menu option, File > Upload option in DirectRoute.


The Upload File (UPL) can be created as either a text upload file (.xml) or a fixed-length field text upload file (.urp). The primary difference between the two file types is the selection of fields (data) that will be passed in the Upload File, back to the host system.

  • The .xml Upload File contains a specific set of data fields that will be included in the file.
  • The .urp Upload File enables control and selection of data fields that will be included in the file.


Any member of the Implementation & Training team can assist you in creating the initial formatted Upload File. Once the file is created, it will be written for export to the host system each time the File→Upload option is used in DirectRoute (refer to the DirectRoute User Guide, 11 Creating Upload Files for more information).


XML and UPL Upload File Examples