Most users will have access to the Settings and Configuration Table within DRTrack thru the Admin tab (Admin > Site > Settings & Configuration) on the main menu. Settings and configuration inputs control the behavior of different functions, and in some cases, the appearance of different keys and buttons used through DRTrack. It's important to understand the current behavior and the expected behavior of each item before making any changes. The Settings and Configuration Table identifies and describes many of the settings and options available, and can help you determine if or when you might want to change a particular setting.


Please note, this may not be a complete list, and/or you may not have access to see or edit all options, based on your role assignment as determined by your Site Administrator. If you have questions about any of these functions, ask your manager or the Site Administrator for help. Additional assistance can also be provided by your assigned Appian Project Manager or contact Trimble MAPS Support,, Phone: (800) 663-0626, Option 6 then Option 7.