Each component can run individually or in any combination together. The server configuration for larger server loads can be distributed to multiple servers, to run each, or any combination, of the primary components.


Typical DRTrack Server Setup

DRTrack will require setup on a single physical or virtualized instance of a server with the minimum configuration. The specs for this server are for standard users with approximately 350 vehicles (specs would increase with more than 350 concurrent users/phones).

  • Windows 2016 Server, 64-bit with IIS installed
  • Open/external IP (with external URL setup for accessing website)
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 8 GB+
  • 125 GB drive space (expect 5 MB of growth per device/month)
  • Port 80 open for inbound/outbound traffic
  • T1 connection between servers, client access; serving pages to/from website


Other Recommendations

  • Consider RAID 10 for performance/data redundancy
  • SCSI, or SATA2 or SATA3 drives for faster HD drive performance to access DRTrack database
  • Dual/Quad processors for larger loads
  • 8+ GB RAM
  • T1/T3 connection