The Route Calendar could be considered Resource Centric; it provides day/time views of your resource availability, providing the status of your resources as well as your deliveries with visibility through out a day, week or month and across your entire organization. 


The Route Calendar can be configured to display as much or as little detail as needed. You can change how items are grouped and displayed, what information is displayed, and add color coding to events and/or various resources. 


Some of the actions that can be performed from the Route Calendar include

  • Add an order to an existing route 
  • Load unloaded orders
  • Move a route to another resource, or another day of the week
  • Schedule resources for maintenance
  • Create appointments
  • Schedule driver PTO
  • Build routes from Unloaded Orders using the drag and drop method 
  • Add driver breaks
  • Geocode orders
  • Assign Points of Interest (POI’s)
  • Export or print delivery sheets



To access the Route Calendar, select Dispatched Route Calendar from the main menu.

  Route Calendar


The following is a brief outline of what may be found, and where, on the Route Calendar.

  • Branch (1)—A drop-down menu enables selection of any assigned branch (assigned by administrator)
  • Schedule Resource Type (2)Select which schedule type to display on the calendar (driver, truck, route, etc.) ; ref. to (5) below
  • Calendar Date (3)—Select a date to view and plan; or select a week, month, or specific time-line to plan future periods of time; can also view any past period of time
  • Scheduled Resource (4)—Each column is labeled based on the resource type selected (Routes, Details, Drivers, Vehicles); assignments for each will be listed in the appropriate time block when scheduled 
  • Time of Day (5)—Displayed for each day listed; choose the number of hours to display (work day, 24 HR, etc.)
  • Appointment Details (6)—List the details for each resource scheduled; details vary based on the resource type (2) (ex. driver assignments may show vehicle# and order details, while vehicle assignments may show driver name, drive time/service time, etc.)
  • Orders and Routes (7)—Bottom section of the Route Calendar
  • Unloaded Orders/Route Details/Unassigned Routes Tab (8)—The Unloaded Orders tab will list each order that has not yet been loaded onto a route, the unload reasons, available drivers and assets (suggested resources), and enables drag/drop to load each order onto a route; the Route Details Tab displays more info about each stop/order that has been loaded onto a route; the Unassigned Routes Tab displays those routes that have not yet been assigned to a vehicle and/or driver
  • Action Menu (9)—A list of actions available on this page, including Save Changes, Refresh, Create Order, and Geocode Orders.