Map views for each route can be accessed by clicking on the map icon adjacent any route. The map displays the actual stop locations, planned route, and last reported location for a selected route (GPS history).


Below the map is a list of all the planned and/or completed stops for that route.  To the right of the map is Route Map info box that can be used to select and view additional routes and/or stops; use the drop-down arrow to change the dock location of this info box between the left and right side of the screen, and/or minimize the box.


Map of Planned Routes


Use the Route Map info box to navigate and/or view specific route and/or stop info.  

  • Previous/Next Arrows—Move between stops on the map display area
  • Branch—Select any branch from the drop-down menu to view available routes/drivers/stops
  • Route#/Driver ID—Select any route#/driver from the drop-down menu
  • Vehicle—Provides a drop-down menu of all vehicles for the branch/routes selected
  • Stops/Highlight Stops—Provides a drop-down menu of all stops in routed sequence order; select any stop to center it on the map and open the stop info box
  • GPS/Show GPS Points—Select the GPS tab in the Route Map indicator box and place a check mark in Show GPS Points box to display a trail of actual GPS tracking points
  • GPS/Speed Violation—Highlight GPS Points will highlight these points on the map for any devices that read a speed greater than the input amount (default set to 50 or zero)
  • Select Set Speed Violation and GPS points that were captured when speed was exceeded will be circled in red
  • Map—Provides the legend of markers displayed on the map

Show GPS Points


Map Markers

Map Markers will open the info box for that marker location and display the following:

  • Route/Leg/Sequence—Includes Route #, Leg #, and planned stop sequence
  • Account ID/Name—Planned stop
  • Address/City/State—Account address
  • Planned Arrival/Departure Time—For the stop
  • Estimated Arrival/Departure Time—Based on current progress of the route
  • Actual Arrival/Departure Time—As reported by the GPS tracking data (all times are updated throughout the day as arrivals/departures are completed)


The Quick Inspector box will also populate with the same marker info when the marker info box is open. This box is normally located below the Route Map tab, on the right side of the screen, but can be moved/docked elsewhere on the screen to customize the viewing area.


Quick Inspector Box