How do I review messages before sending them to my customers?

Best practice is for the message designer to add themselves as a contact for both SMS and email, as they will receive the outgoing messages and can verify their message. Alternatively, the designer can create a dummy route, and add themselves as a contact to verify outgoing messages.

How do I edit/update the message template?

CCM has a message template editor. It uses a combination of text and HTML to update message design on both email and SMS for each rule.

Common HTML tags to consider:

  • Changing Font Color: <p style=color:"blue">this text is blue</p> after the text.

  • Adding an image: <img src="">

  • Adding a link: <a href="">Link title</a>

  • Changing font size: <font size="+2">This is bigger text</font>; <font size="-1">This is smaller text</font>

A better approach is to design the message in free HTML WYSIWYG editors like the ones below and copy the HTML block generated and paste them into the CCM message template:

These tools will give you a preview to share with your customer before sending the messages.

How are customers added to CCM?

Customers are added via export from DRTrack. From Routes, select the route checkbox, then select Email > Send CCM Notification Message. All of the accounts on that route will now be in CCM.

How do I update rules for a single customer?

Once an account has been added to CCM (via export from DRTrack), the default rules are automatically applied. Find the account in the CCM portal and update the rules accordingly.

How often are messages sent?

Depending on the rules, CCM can send messages anytime an order status is changed in DRTrack. Alternatively, the default is that only a single message is sent for each rule. This is so that you avoid sending multiple messages for the same type of event like an order being late and then the ETA continuing to get later and later.

Is there a character limit?

For SMS, the character limit is 160 characters. If the message is longer than 160 characters, the message will be broken into multiple segments, which are billed separately by the provider. Email messages do not have a character limit.

Can I bring my own Twilio Account?

Yes, if you already have a Twilio and/or Sendgrid account, it can be used with this service.

To set up, you’ll need your sender phone number, SMS Account SID, and SMS auth token. These can be found in the Twilio portal under the account information. In the CCM Portal, navigate to the configuration screen, then select notifications and add the information in the SMS section.

For SendGrid, the credentials should be similar to this:


SMTP Port: 25 OR 587

SMTP User Name: apikey (This is the user name for all SendGrid customers)

SMTP password: (This should be the API key generated by SendGrid for the account. Your customer will provide it)

Encryption: StartTls For more information on integrating with Sendgrid, please see the following: Integrating with the SMTP API.

For more information on using Microsoft 365, please see the following: How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

What does my IT group need to do?

You’ll be working with them on ensuring that the SMTP traffic gets through their server properly. Aside from getting the information about the sender, relay URL, and credentials, they will need to whitelist IP addresses for our NAT. A NAT is a network address translation that provides one unique IP address to represent a group of computers, in this case, the CCM services.

Our NAT IP addresses are:

Can I change my phone number for SMS?

Yes, but charges are applied for the provisioning and setup of the new number.

Can I change my email domain sender for SMTP?

Customers will be responsible for providing us with their SMTP credentials including the relay, domain, and sender name.

Do customers get multiple emails and Texts for consolidated orders?

No, order notifications are consolidated the same way they appear in DRTrack with each customer receiving 1 notification with multiple order numbers included in the subject and body.

How do we get a phone number to text?

A2P is the Preferred method of sending text messages by FTC.

Need to register Campaign with FTC/Twilio.

  • Need Legal Business Name

  • Need Business Type/Business Industry

  • Need EIN

  • Need Countries of Operation

  • Need Website URL

  • Need 2 authorized representatives of the company

    • Last Name

    • First Name

    • Email

    • Title and position

    • Phone Number