Customer Communication Manager operates as an extension of your current Trimble Maps Appian software workflow:

  • Routes are planned in DirectRoute or DRTrack.

  • Drivers/Devices are assigned to routes.

  • Routes are exported to CCM (New).

  • Routes are exported to Telematics/Mobile or Logged in (One Way Integrations).

Behind the scenes, the mobile or telematics software, DRTrack, and CCM are communicating about what is happening while the driver is on the road.

  • Information (position, arrival departure events) flows into DRTrack.

  • Routes are updated with that information, and order statuses change.

  • Based on status changes and rules that have been configured in CCM UI, notifications are sent to the end user via SMS or email.

Notifications for orders on routes are not automatically sent until a route has been exported to CCM. This allows fleets more control over if and when notifications are sent, so it does not have to be universal.

To export routes to CCM, navigate to the Dispatch > Routes Page in DRTrack. Select the routes that notifications should be sent for and select Email and Send CCM Notification Message.

Once successful, the user will receive a message that the Orders for the Route were added to the CCM Messaging Queue. Once the order statuses meet the conditions configured in CCM, notifications will be sent.

There is no batch process for exporting accounts to CCM, so if an order is exported to CCM and the account doesn’t exist there, it’s created. The account is also given a copy of the default ruleset and notification templates, so the first time a notification goes out for an order for that account, it will receive the default messages.