Driver Management allows users to configure the default or standard device information assigned to each driver. This allows users to preassign or manually login drivers to routes.

To manage drivers, navigate to Admin > Dispatch > Drivers.

Driver Management
To add new drivers, click Add New. Fill in as much information as possible for each driver, then select the Save button when done.
  1. Select any DriverID to edit existing drivers; select Save when all editing is completed

  2. Select Add to add a new driver; select Save when all editing is completed

  3. Select Delete to delete an existing driver

Be sure to fill in as much info as possible for each driver, and click Show on Calendar if the Route Calendar is used for planning.

Add New Driver

If you have multiple Drivers to update, the information can be uploaded using the Upload Drivers button. Click Choose File to select a saved file to upload, or download a copy of the XML template and build a new record to use/upload.

Upload Drivers

An XML template is also provided to make speedy import of applicable records.

Upload XML Template