All devices, when added, will be assigned by default to the branch MAIN. Each device must then be reassigned (reconfigured) from the MAIN branch to the appropriate branch, if/when necessary.

NOTE: PeopleNet devices do not need to be added. These will automatically update the DRTrack website when device activity occurs within PeopleNet.

To edit a device, navigate to Admin > Dispatch > Devices:
  1. Select the MAIN branch and find the appropriate AssetID (Device) that needs to be reassigned.

    1. Click on the device to open.

    2. Edit the branch assignment and any other data as needed.

    3. Ensure you check the box Show on the Calendar if the Route Calendar is used for planning.

To add a new device, click Add New and add all necessary data:
  1. Click Save when all edits are complete.

  2. Click Save as Default to save the record as the default template for new assets.

Device Management