The Solution Statistics panel provides three panes of information about your orders and routes. The Solution Statistics panes are located in the lower right portion, or to the right of the map on the route planning page (depending on if Unloaded Orders is set to Card View or Grid View). An arrow at the top right of the panel allows the entire panel to be minimized or maximized as needed.

The three panes inside the panel are accessed by clicking three round action buttons. The three panes contain statistical information about:

  • Order Statistics: summary statistics for the quantity and volume of orders.
  • Route Comparison: individual routes are compared by a variety of attributes.
  • Solution Comparison: fleet solution statistics compared with other dispatch days.

Order Statistics

The Order Statistics pane provides information about the orders loaded on routes and any unloaded orders available for the dispatch date selected. The scheduled date will be the dispatch date selected for planning. The order statistics are also compared against the previous business day’s quantities and volumes. This pane uses your company’s business days and two default volume fields as set up in the Preference Aliases tab.

Route Comparison

The Route Comparison pane provides several charts comparing route data compared side by side in several bar charts. The route bar colors correspond with the route card colors. Selecting a bar on one of the charts pins that route and opens the stop list for that route and highlights the route on the map. When two routes are pinned, the route comparison pane converts to a two-route comparison view.

Solution Comparison

The Solution Comparison panel provides a detailed fleet solution summary of today’s routing solution. The pane will compare today’s dispatched solution against any other previous dispatch day. This allows the planner to compare and contrast the differences between today’s routing solution and previous similar “day of the week” or “day of the month.”