DRTrack 24.1.1 hotfix should now be available to all customers.


  • The maximum number of assets shown in month view on the Route Calendar is limited to 39. A new message has been added to reflect this:Route Calendar maximum asset limit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Route Calendar where users were getting an error message when switching the View to the Details view.
  • Optimized the usp_GetOrderEventsByTypesAndDate stored procedure.
  • Optimized the usp_GetRouteDetailDataByRTIDs stored procedure.
  • Fixed an issue where filters were not honored with the GetOrderDetailsByModifiedDateAndBranchIds webservice call.
  • Fixed an issue with the GetRouteDetailByModifiedDate webservice call where no data was returned. Making subsequent calls would return data.
  • Fixed an issue with the picture preview functionality when trying to view at the order level. The preview functionality would not display a preview for all attachments associated with each order.