Create a new SchedulePro project for each new planned routing scenario. A completed project results in a planned route schedule that considers a customer’s volume and delivery pattern (frequency, requested delivery days) to plan scheduled stops over the planning period (1–12 weeks).

Each project involves four primary steps: Follow each link for specific information and instructions to complete each step:

  1. Review Preference Settings: Review routing preferences and choose the appropriate algorithm for your project, depending on how much consideration should be given to delivery pattern and volume, when building route schedules.
  2. Create/Update SchedulePro Files: The primary files used are the Stop File, Truck File, and Pattern File; these files contain all the information needed by the software to build an optimal delivery schedule for each customer.
  3. Build a Schedule: The software utilizes the Route Files to create routes for the first week of the planning period.
  4. Review Schedule and Build Routes: Review the results of Step 3 before building the routes for the entire planning period.