There are two ways to create new customer Accounts:

  • Go to Admin > Customers > Accounts and click Add New.


Using the latter option, an existing account can also be edited or deleted, making this the most preferred method. Regardless of which option is used, both options will open the Account Management Detail screen, where all the new customer info will be entered.

  1. Input all pertinent account information (ex. Delivery Time Windows, Time Window Adjustments, Quantity Fields, User Fields, etc.).
  2. Select Geocode (top of the screen) to locate the Lat/Long matching the customer address.
  3. Select Save after all editing is completed.


If editing or deleting a current account record, go to Adminà Customersà Accounts. Follow the instructions above to edit any record. To delete a record, select Delete from the top right corner of the screen.


Additional actions available on the account page include:

  1. Manually enter Lat/Long coordinates to actual stop addresses; use the mouse to move the green circle to adjust location on the map then Update Location or Cancel when done.
  2. Update Load Default to the customer account.
  3. Save as Default to save as 'default' info (see Load Default).
  4. Audit will display a list of recent DRTrack type activity performed on an account.