Each customer record contains key fields unique to the customer, including name, account number, address, delivery/service requirements (Time Windows), special equipment requirementsUnload Rates and any other important info to help ensure successful dispatch and deliveries.


To view Account Details for any customer, select Admin > Customers > Accounts.

  1. Search for any account by using the branch drop-down menu, AccountID, or Name 
  2. When the desired account appears on the screen, select the Account ID to view the record


Account Management


Add/Terminate Account

It might be necessary from time to time to add a new account to the Account Master or to terminate service for an account.


To add a new account, select Admin/Account Master from the menu.

  1. Click Add New.
  2. Edit to add all the new account information.
  3. Update Activation Date to enable routing.
  4. Ensure the Termination Date is set to a future date.
  5. Edit order Frequency and Service/Day (Day code).
  6. Click Save when complete.


Create, Edit, Make Inactive

Customer records can be edited once the record has been located and opened, using the steps listed above. After editing, be sure to select the Save button to commit all changes to the record.

To add a new account, click Add New from the Account Management page.

  1. Input all pertinent account information (ex. Delivery Time Windows, Time Window Adjustments, Quantity Fields, User Fields, etc.).
  2. Select Geocode (top of the screen) to locate the Lat/Long matching the customer address.
  3. Select the Save button when after all info has been entered to commit the new record to file.


To make a record inactive, open the record from the Account Management page and find the Status box. Use the drop-down menu to select Inactive, then select the Save button to commit the changes to file.


Account Status 

Additional actions available on the account page include:

  1. Manually enter Lat/Long coordinates; use the mouse to move the green circle to adjust location on the map then Update Location or Cancel when done.
  2. Click Save as Default to save/overwrite the default customer information.
  3. Click Load Default to insert the saved default account information.
  4. View recent account activity by selecting the Audit button.


To access the Account Management screen, click Admin > Customers > Accounts.

  1. Search for records using the Branch and/or the AccountID/Name drop-down menus
  2. To view and edit account details for any account, click on the AccountID in the list of accounts.


Download Account Master (DirectRoute)

To download a current Account Master from DirectRoute, navigate to the main DirectRoute menu and select DRTrack > Download Account Master


Download Account Master


Update Account Master (DirectRoute)

To update the Account Master records from DirectRoute:

  1. Open DirectRoute; from the main menu, select File > Open.
  2. Select file type Stop Files and then select the desired Account Master.xls file.
  3. To ensure records are replaced by the records in the upload file, select Overwrite Account Master.
  4. Select Upload Account Master.