Email Manager is used for setting up event-generated email notifications for selected individuals. Add or edit existing email addresses, and select which specific event-type email notifications to be sent. The types of events for which emails can be automatically generated include delivery notification, delivery scheduled, delayed deliveries, reservations created or canceled, etc.


To add/edit an email recipient:

  1. From the DRTrack Menu, click Admin > Customers > Email & Notifications.
  2. To add or edit email addresses and event notifications, use the drop-down menu to select the branch, or use the search function to locate the Account ID or email address.
    1. Check the box to select the desired record.
    2. In the top left corner of the screen, click Add/Edit Emails.

 Add/Edit Emails

Warning: Selecting Clear All Emails will clear all email addresses from all accounts in the system. As a precaution, a warning notice will be received and confirmation of intent to delete will be required.

Clear All Emails


  1. Select the appropriate AccountID (some have more than one) and Email Format type from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the email address in the EmailID column.
  3. Edit the First and Last Name of the email recipient.
  4. In the Event 1 column, use the drop-down menu to select the type of event for which to send an automatic email notification.
  5. Use the additional event columns (2 thru 5) to select additional notifications, if needed.
  6. After all editing is completed, click Add (Modify, Delete) from the top right corner.


Email Event Notification


Edit Email Recipient


The table below lists and describes the types of email events available for which to send notifications.

Email TypeDescriptionOptions

Order Scheduled

An email is sent out when an order is scheduled to be delivered on a route. This generally occurs at a scheduled interval and is sent out only once per account per order.


Time Window Violation

Emails based upon an order being delayed outside of its available time windows.



Emails based on an order being flagged as potentially delayed based upon incoming arrival/departure information. Multiple delay notifications can be set up for worsening status updates.

30, 60, 90

Order Delivered

This email is sent out based upon an order getting delivered (arrival/departure information populated).


Not Logged In

This email is typically sent out when a route pre-assignment is not logged in for a particular duration of time after the route is scheduled to go out.

Delay Time

Route Available

This email is sent out to all pre-assigned and assigned drivers to let them know that their routes are available for log in. This email is generally sent out manually once dispatch knows the route building process is complete.


Form Notification

This email can go out triggered off of submission of particular forms. It will typically get sent out to dispatchers or sales team representatives, depending on the form itself.


D2LINK Form Event

This email goes out when drivers text message dispatch submission of an event-based form (delivery, damages, etc.)


Schedule Violation

This email goes out when a driver or asset is double booked. This is for resource planning customers only.


Reservation Emails

This email goes out based upon reservation events: (Created, Modified, Rejected, Finalized). These are for resource planning customers only.