The ShipTo Manager is used to manage those accounts that you ship to regularly. Customer address and Lat/Long can be edited from this module, and/or the account can be geocoded.


Add or Edit a Customer ShipTo address (Lat/Long) or Geocode a Record

  1. From the DRTrack Menu, select Admin > Customers > ShipTo.
  2. Scroll through the list of accounts shown, or use the search function to locate a specific account.
  3. Selecting Branches All and Show Accounts or Show ShipTo will return a list of all customers.
  4. Show All option will return the customer Account Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Lat/Long and No. ShipTo (data index number).
  5. Show Ungeocoded Only will return a list of those that have not been properly geocoded (missing Lat/Long):
    1. Check the box adjacent to the affected account.
    2. To edit customer ship address info, select the Account Name and edit the necessary fields then select Save As.
    3. To geocode ship address, select the customer by checking the box adjacent to the Account Name, then select Geocode from the top left of the screen.
    4. Select Save to accept the changes and update the record.


Show Accounts/ShipTo


Account Coordinates

Figure 108—Account Coordinates